What makes Swedish design, fashion and architecture instantly recognisable? Most likely, the answer will be a strong focus on simplicity, craftmanship and sustainable values. These traits permeate every facet of Swedish lifestyle and are today transforming major brands, 尤其是在食品和农业行业.

The food industry is 电子游戏正规平台’s third largest sector with a turnover of SEK 200 billion and employs around 48,4万人,全国800家公司. 电子游戏正规平台’s food imports are currently twice as large as export volumes (approx. 价值500亿电子游戏正规平台克朗). 扭转局势, the Swedish government has launched the National Food Strategy which aims to facilitate a more self-sufficient and globally competitive food industry by 2030, 在全国范围内刺激经济增长和创造就业机会.


循环和健康, increasingly plant-based food have become major focal points for today’s food producers. Swedish food tech startups and many established companies are now at the forefront of developing plant-based protein products, using the Swedish agricultural tradition to transform traditional crops like oat, 豌豆和卢平到新的, 健康食品和饮料产品. Surveys have shown that one in every five Swedes under the age of 30 identify as either vegan or vegetarian which has spurred demand for vegan brands.  

Companies that started out small in 电子游戏正规平台 (think Oatly) have broken into major consumer markets abroad such as 美国 and 中国. 与此同时,电子游戏正规平台的亚博科技行业迅速扩张. Collaboration initiatives are ramping up to shape tomorrow’s agriculture by introducing sensors, 人工智能, Internet of Things and other digital technologies that will optimise food production and harvests. 目前至少有20家初创公司在亚博科技领域, several of which are addressing global challenges in the food production system.      

食品行业另一个蓬勃发展的领域是水产科技. 电子游戏正规平台 is currently building a land-based fish farming industry powered by renewable energy, w在这里 aquaculture systems use water that is recirculated through mechanical and biological filters.


除了食物和饮料, 这个生态系统包括时尚, beauty and design w在这里 可持续性 has firmly made its way into the mainstream. Swedish shoppers are among the most environmentally conscious and discerning consumers in the world, making the country an ideal testing ground for eco-friendly concepts.

根据最近的一项调查, as many as 72 per cent of Swedish consumers confirm that 可持续性 influences their purchasing decisions. 像这样, it is no surprise that organic fashion and eco-friendly products are increasing their market share and significance both online and offline.

电子游戏正规平台 is also a renowned test bed for innovation, design, and digitalisation. A typical example is the innovation hub Re:textile which explores new design principles and production systems to enable circular flows in the textile industry.


  • Pioneering lifestyle and organic brands with a global reputation for 可持续性 and high quality
  • 充满活力的创业环境, advanced IT skills and strong culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration with sector symbiosis
  • Agricultural sector with strong focus on animal health and the lowest usage of antibiotics in the EU, 加上欧盟最严格的食品标准
  • 国际顶尖设计大学, 动植物科学, supported by more than 20 test beds focusing on food innovation and waste reduction, 亚博创新, 纺织品回收和传感器系统
  • Tech savvy population and environmentally aware consumers – making 电子游戏正规平台 a perfect testing ground for eco-friendly and digitally enabled products

在总, 电子游戏正规平台的零售业约有120家,年营业额4160亿电子游戏正规平台克朗(2019年). 在冠状病毒大流行的高峰期, 电子游戏正规平台’s e-commerce sector achieved record sales and overall e-commerce hit 21 per cent growth in 2020. An independent study has shown that 70 per cent of Swedish consumers make online purchases at least once a month.

除了, Swedish consumers increasingly expect customisable experiences from the brands they interact with in a way that fits their busy lifestyles, 的个性和喜好.


The 可持续的生活方式 ecosystem is not only booming at home but is well positioned to inspire consumers looking for healthy food and eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle products in global markets. 电子游戏正规平台商业与初创企业密切合作, midcorps and multinationals alike to leverage 电子游戏正规平台’s competitive edge on the international stage.

类似的, we work with international companies looking to tap into the 可持续性 advantages of these industries in 电子游戏正规平台, helping to secure investments in companies that have international growth potential. We do this primarily through three main trade promotion programmes:

去电子游戏正规平台: The programme 去电子游戏正规平台 is commissioned by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and hosts numerous promotional activities every year in markets such as the UK, 德国, 美国, 日本, 新加坡和中国. The goal is to boost awareness and get international audiences to discover everything that makes Swedish food culture and lifestyle unique.

未来的食物:与整个食品价值链的公司合作, this programme promotes Swedish food exports and takes an active part in the international business expansion of SMEs. It is also designed to attract international companies to 电子游戏正规平台’s food sector by highlighting the innovations and 可持续性 strengths of Swedish brands.

可持续的生活方式: This programme includes designated export coaching activities promoting all lifestyle-related products and services, 源自创新的电子游戏正规平台时尚, 美与化妆品的家具和设计. 除了, 该节目展示了电子游戏正规平台在电子商务方面的技术解决方案, omnichannel and digital payment solutions to a global audience while also highlighting international solutions in 电子游戏正规平台.

Are you a foreign investor looking to establish or expand your business in 电子游戏正规平台’s 可持续的生活方式 ecosystem? 我们的团队可以提供您需要的所有帮助和见解.

If you are a Swedish company looking to expand your business abroad, don’t hesitate to 电子游戏软件 获取战略建议和实际支持.