Tobias lived in 中国 for a 10-year period and has been responsible for Business 电子游戏正规平台’s 操作 in Asia for many years, 直到去年夏天他搬到美国. With deep insights into the two giants’ struggle for the global initiative, 托拜厄斯谈到了美国正在发生的事情, 日益增长的趋势, 电子游戏正规平台的机会和电子游戏正规平台的成功. You will also get Tobias best tip on how to sharpen your pitch to make it in the US. 

美国增加了绿色倡议, and American stakeholders seek internationally proven solutions, 创新, 和专业知识. This is good news for Swedish companies and a great opportunity to leverage their status as industry leaders.

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