Today's guest 托拜厄斯Glitterstam lived in 中国 for a 10-year period and has been responsible for Business 电子游戏正规平台's 操作 in Asia for many years, 直到去年夏天他搬到美国. With deep insights into the two giants' struggle for global initiative, Tobias 谈论最新的趋势 and how Business 电子游戏正规平台 helps Swedish companies succeed in the US market. 

随着美国在绿色领域的投资增加, 可持续和创新的解决方案, Swedish companies have great opportunities to leverage their status as industry leaders. You also get an insider tip on where the best skiing coincides with the next Silicon Valley and learn about a concept you may not have heard of before: Silicon slopes. 

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