今天的超级互联世界通常被认为是理所当然的,大多数人很少思考是什么让我们周围的所有技术工作. 鉴于ICT行业的加速发展和全球对数字化的关注,这似乎有些矛盾.

When it comes to using digital technologies to foster sustainable growth, productivity and social development, Sweden’s performance is second to none. 电子游戏正规平台一直致力于应用人工智能和物联网等新技术来解决更大的社会挑战, while retaining values such as openness, collaboration, integrity and ethics. 电子游戏正规平台的中小企业在电子商务和网上销售方面也走在了前列.

The contribution of the ICT industry to Sweden’s economy, as a share of GDP, is among the highest in the world. In fact, only Ireland generates a higher share of value add around computer services.

电子游戏正规平台,有超过25万人直接受雇于信息通信技术公司——但如果算上其他行业的数字化人员,信息通信技术专业人员要多得多. According to Statistics Sweden, the digital sector accounts for 5.占电子游戏正规平台GDP的8%,超过25万人直接与ICT公司合作, this jumps considerably if you add other sectors. In Stockholm, one in ten people wok in the digital tech sector, and across the country numbers continues to grow year on year, with increasing demand for international talent to support local expertise.

As a result, 领先的科技公司已经在电子游戏正规平台建立了业务,以进入欧洲市场, set up R&D or centres of excellence, put new technologies to the test and acquire or partner with Swedish innovators. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Fujitsu, Google, HCL, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung and Tata are just a few global players who have invested heavily in Sweden.


Stockholm has one of the fastest-growing tech startup scenes in the world, not only producing startups but also breeding unicorns. 这一显著的成就证明了市场的实力,其突出的企业家精神和充满活力的跨领域合作文化.

Companies such as Skype, Spotify, Klarna, King, Mojang, iZettle, Kry, Trustly, Truecaller, Yubico and others have all sprung up from Stockholm’s startup and scaleup scene.

Together, they provide a wealth of inspiration, 经验和领导一个大的生态系统的后起之秀谁准备承担世界. Moreover, these successful tech leaders along with VCs are now reinvesting.

Five key strengths of Sweden’s Digital Technologies ecosystem:

  • More than 30 test beds focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G/6G, gamification, IT security, factory connectivity, cloud computing, mobility tech, advanced robotics and remote learning
  • Resilient, 低碳数字基础设施和世界上最高水平的网络和技术准备
  • Booming ICT sector employing 6.1%的人口(是欧盟平均水平的两倍),著名的创业场景产生了全球科技品牌
  • World class skills in automation, AI, machine learning, e-commerce, AR/VR, wearable tech, user experience, cybersecurity, cloud delivery, data centres and more
  • Four times as many connected devices per person than anywhere else in the world

In the drive toward sustainable computing, there is a compelling argument for setting up operations in Sweden. 该国的能源结构中98%是无碳的,并拥有欧盟最高的可再生能源份额(54.6 per cent). Wind power production reached 28 TWh in 2020, making Sweden the largest wind power producer in the Nordics.

While some countries are experimenting with the idea of reusing waste heat, 电子游戏正规平台已经有30多个数据中心将多余的热量反馈给区域供暖系统,并为此获得报酬. 这一发展意味着成千上万的家庭正在使用数据中心的废热取暖.


Swedish hardware and software providers, digital innovators and savvy startups are coming together at science parks, 研究机构和试验平台在广泛的行业推进前沿进步. These include manufacturing, transport and e-mobility, retail, banking and financial services to mention just a few.

In the latter example, several collaborations are taking place between startups, incumbents, financial consortia and the Central Bank to advance knowledge around e-currencies, payments, cybersecurity and distributed ledger transactions. 电子游戏正规平台的金融科技投资总额在欧洲排名第三(仅次于英国和德国),在这一领域拥有一个由400家初创公司组成的蓬勃发展的集群.

Another booming industry is gaming which currently employs around 10,它激发了传统公司的兴趣,这些公司现在希望将他们的解决方案“游戏化”,并采用新的方法, immersive technologies for education, collaboration, content visualisation and other purposes.

电子游戏正规平台的联合创新也非常活跃,是应用人工智能开发的好地方, advanced research, strong talent base, regulatory progress in the field of AI and reliable digital infrastructure. Industry, 学术界和公共部门已承诺在人工智能研究和商业化方面进行大规模联合投资,为电子游戏正规平台企业创造了一个跳板,在人工智能成熟度方面,电子游戏正规平台企业目前远远领先于欧洲平均水平.



通过关注跨国公司之间的可持续伙伴关系,电子游戏正规平台商业支持电子游戏正规平台科技行业的持续扩张, startups, research institutes, public agencies and other stakeholders across the entire digital technology spectrum.

Our mission is to attract international companies to invest in Sweden, help them establish or expand, and access Sweden’s world class technology skills. 我们还帮助电子游戏正规平台公司抓住国际商业机会,增长其在全球市场的销售,并将电子游戏正规平台创新创业公司与国际热点联系起来.

我们通过两个旨在帮助电子游戏正规平台工业保持其创新领导地位的促进计划来实现这一目标, world-class technology and digital transformation, 与此同时,为那些想要提高其价值主张和开拓新市场的国际公司提供最佳条件.

Digital Infrastructure & Cloud: This programme focuses on the partnerships required to build the infrastructure of tomorrow, highlighting Sweden’s competitive strengths in the areas of connectivity (5G/6G), Internet of Things, sensors, datacenters, cloud and edge computing. As an integral part of all layers of the technology stack, cybersecurity will play a major role in creating the trust and credibility required by users, customers and regulators.

Advanced Digital (Enabling) Technologies: 专注于正在进行的行业和整个社会转型中至关重要的技术和解决方案, including but not limited to AI, advanced analytics, fintech, AR/VR/XR, gamification and visualisation.

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