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Do you want to explore investment opportunities and pioneer collaborations to build a net-zero Smart Society?

The global challenges we face this decade need bold and progressive solutions and now we invite you to join Sweden in the collective push for change. Swedish innovators are collaborating with global changemakers to drive the global transition and turn game changing-ideas into reality.

Sweden is leading the climate transition and digital transformation, inviting international partners to be part of our innovation focused, open-free trade economy and inclusive business climate to drive global change.

Will you Join Sweden to pioneer the possible?

Industry, Innovation, Insights, Investment - all in one event.

Join Sweden Summit 2022 is an international high-level event promoting strategic, direct foreign investments and expansions in Sweden. The Summit will bring together leaders and gamechangers from academia, politics, industry, and innovative environments to explore Sweden's investment potential and opportunities to pioneer the possible.

Why Sweden, why now?

Sweden's open, inclusive and solution driven mindset has set a high standard for innovation and creating solutions that make society better: from the three point seat belt to music streaming, and virtual doctor visits to sustainable mining, we have always been an active leader. Will you join Sweden to reinvent collaborative innovation?

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