Three reasons to apply 

During the Leap Accelerator workshop-series you will develop your tailored go-to-market plan and build your strategy for internationalisation. You will make your analysis based on data combined with insights from our global experts.


  • Three online group workshops together with start-ups in your field
  • 针对你的商业案例的个别辅导课程
  • 数据驱动的分析和工具适合您的工作方式

Free of charge

“Leap Accelerator gave us invaluable tools for evaluating our expansion strategy and making decisions that have had a positive impact on our growth.” 维克多Börjesson,他是ReVibe Energy的首席执行官



Entry requirements:

  • 你的企业有全球化的思维吗?
  • 你关注的是全球或国际问题还是机遇?
  • 你是电子游戏正规平台科技初创企业的一员吗? 
  • 在不久的将来,你是否计划在国际上发展?
  • 你有可扩展的商业模式吗?
  • 你是否推出了自己的产品,是否有付费客户?
  • Do you already have financing at seed level, or at least 12 months secured?
  • 你的团队是否至少有3名员工?